Redemptive History for the Rest of Us

As relatively new Christians (42 years ago) my husband and I decided to read through the Bible. On our first attempt we got as far as Leviticus. On our second attempt we made it through to Deuteronomy. On our third attempt we got to Chronicles and got bogged down with all the numbers and lists of gifts etc.

These workbooks are a result of our attempt to encourage other Christians who have found the idea of reading through the whole Bible a rather daunting task. We think that by beginning the process -- reading and understanding the history, and then adding the rest of the Bible it all becomes more understandable.

Hopefully, the goal will always remain to gain increasing knowledge of the whole council of God and the majesty of Christ Jesus our Lord.


Part 1: Genesis to King David

Part 2: Kings to Malachi

Part 3: Jesus (available Fall 2017)

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