The Adverntures of Crackerjack


One day Crackerjack....

Crackerjack stories stated many years ago as bedtime stories...made up on the spot by Brian as he put the boys to bed. Crackerjack has an HUGE imagination and you never quite know the boundary of his imagination and reality ... or maybe it was just a dream in the early hours of the morning. You never know.

Spaceship I is the first in what will hopefully be a long series of coloring books based on Crackerjack's adventures.

Spaceship I begins with the delivery of a refrigerator in a large cardboard box. A few colored markers and other items turns it into a spaceship that travels into weightlessness. Until a loud thumping noise causes a rapid return to planet Earth.

Your kids will enjoy the story and making it their own as they color the story pages. Enjoy!

One Day Crackerjack...

Got a big box

For a Spaceship

It blasted off!!!

He Space floated.

He returned to Earth

What FUN!!


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