About the Author

Frederica R Jones

Frederica (Freddie) has been married to Brian since 1974.

They live in Manchester-By-The-Sea on the Boston North Shore near their two married sons and five grandchildren.

Freddie is an RN by training and practiced for 13 years in the areas of pediatrics, public health and was the research assistant in the early area of newborn hearing screening research at Stanford University Hospital before "retiring" to be a full-time mother.

The family moved to Vermont in 1988 and she returned to the workplace in 1994 as a health educator in the regional middle school. During the years of teaching Middle School Health, she became increasingly convinced that early and consistent parental input on the subjects of sex and dating makes a tremendous difference in the lives of children and teens.

During the past 20 years she has developed, refined and presented a series of TALK workshops in the Northeast US, Colorado and Geneva Switzerland. The content of these workshops has been distilled into the book TALK - Teaching Adults to Lead their Kids.

Freddie and her husband love to ski, ballroom dance, bike, walk, study the Bible, and travel internationally. They are active in their local church and enjoy friends on many continents.

She has a passion that you TALK to your children and teens.