Amazon Customer Reviews

Reviewer 1. As a pastor of a church full of families with young children, I began looking for a resource that we could recommend to help parents talk about issues of sex and sexuality. A friend recommended TALK and after reading it we chose to use it as the prime resource on this topic in our church. It is extremely helpful. TALK is theologically sound and full of excellent practical advice for parents at all stages of parenting. Mrs. Jones doesn't just give a biblical framework for shepherding your kids through these issues, but she gives specific instruction as to what that looks like from the time a child is a toddler through adulthood. In fact, TALK is a terrific resource for strengthening family relationships in general, as it is full of Biblical parenting principles that can be more generally applied. I am heartily recommend TALK for parents of children of all ages and for pastors looking for a resource for families in the church.

Reviewer 2. The author begins by laying out the case that parents today urgently need to place the issue of training up their kids in the way of healthy sexuality ON THE FRONT BURNER, so to speak. Adolescence has always been a rocky road, fraught with danger, but never have parents been confronted with anything approaching the challenges that today's parents face in our highly sexualized culture. The author makes this case, as she does throughout TALK, using various metrics derived from the scholarly literature in the field. A great strength of TALK is the author's command of relevant information that derives from the research literature. The author references her sources, which enables the motivated reader to track back to the original research papers; this, I would argue, speaks volumes to the author's credibility. Anyone can author a book in today's world of desktop publishing, but not every author is credible. Frederica Jones is credible and has done her homework.

Reviewer 3. This book is a must for parents who want help in Communicating to their teen all they need to understand about sex and how to approach their children to live in such a way that they are honoring God. Ms. Jones writes a book that every parent should have, especially in today's culture. She writes , most importantly, with an understanding of what parents are facing with today's challenges.